HVFOX Indoor Barrier Go Kart Track High Quality Rubber For Karting Race Track

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A go kart barrier is physical barrier used to keep drivers from veering off the track during a race. The barriers are typically made of reinforced plastic, foam,or metal and are designed to absorb impact and reduce damage to the vehicle in case of an accident.

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Kart barriers are generally safety barriers used around the perimeter of a kart track to prevent karts from leaving the track in the event of an accident or collision. Barriers can be made of various materials such as tires, rubber, foam or plastic. Its main purpose is to absorb the impact of a collision and reduce the possibility of injury or property damage. It is very important that karting facilities have proper barrier systems to ensure the safety of drivers and spectators.


The go-kart track in polyethylene sheets is strong and durable. Different thicknesses and heights can meet different venues, and the base of the one-piece steel frame is particularly strong. The springs of the base link increase the shock resistance of the track. The scientific design makes the carrying capacity more professional and more suitable for high-speed professional adult venues. Different decal designs can show different designs of the track. The spring can be custom painted in different colors according to customer requirements, and has a personalized logo


This kinds of go kart barriers is know as the best balance between durability and elasticity for maximum impact absorption and dissipation throughout the connected barriers. The controlled absorption solution prevents bouncing back effect and ensures driver safety and minimizing kart damage.


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